The point of sale


The point of sale

If you take a stroll through the shop, in addition to the marvels arranged on the counters with rare artistry, you will certainly be amazed by the quantity of products on display, the hundreds of hams with and without bone, shoulders, capocolli, salami of all shapes and qualities, the variety of cooked and prepared typical products… the porchette… an atmosphere full of inviting scents that encloses in its rigorous tradition all the quality of the classic norcina production of Viterbo.

The Coccia family constantly searches for the best raw materials to offer our customers.


The best Italian and local farms with a controlled and guaranteed supply chain supply the fresh meat counter up to three times a week to ensure a high rotation of products.


As a matter of fact, we are one of the few companies not to have freezing cells.

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In addition to pork, our flagship, we have decided to include a wide selection of beef, our National Scottona always very appreciated by our customers in cuts from slice, broth and hamburger.

For the most demanding palates, in our maturer we have in rotation the best Italian, European and World meats:

T-Bone and Sashi Beef Ribs, Freygaard, Prussian Scottona, Danish Crown, Black Angus Ireland and more.

Together with the bone-in cuts, the selection has been enriched with fillets, cuberolls and sirloins available in take – away portions.